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Arsen Chabanian

Arsen Chabanian

Arsene Chabanian (1864 – 1949)

Arsene Chabanian is one of the most prominent seascape artists in Armenian and European art.
Chabanian was born in Karin (Erzrum, Western Armenia) in 1864.

He studied at the Murad Raphaelian College of Venice. Chabanian worked in Batumi afterwards, from where he had the opportunity to leave for Theodosia in 1890 to get acquainted with Aivazovsky and take his advice.

Later he attended the Julian Academy in Paris having prominent masters Gustave Moreau, Jean-Paul Laurens and Benjamin Constant among his teachers.
In 1894 presented his works at the Salon of French Artists exhibition.
1900 Chabanian takes part in Paris World Exhibition, with his seascape.
In 1926 the Georges Petit gallery organized the personal exhibition of Chabanian.
In his young ages (1891) Arsene Chabanian offered his "The Liner Nakhimov in the Port of Batumi" painting to the Russian Grand Duke Georgiy Alexandrovich, who highly appreciated the painting and expressed his special gratitude to the painter.

Besides of being a celebrated marine painter, Chabanian was one of the first artists to use the technique of colored engraving, the founder of the “Union of Marine Painters of Paris” and the “Company of Colored Engraving”. With equal success he painted with pastel, created marvelous landscapes and still-lifes.

He spent his long and fruitful life in Italy, France, Belgium and England, learning his profession with famous masters, and left over one thousand works after himself. Unfortunately there are just a few works of Chabanian in Armenia, some of them at National Gallery of Armenia, some in Echmiadzin Holy See Museum and in private collections.

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