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Zara Manucharyan

Zara Manucharyan

"The white canvas is not a flat surface; it is a multidimensional space where anything is possible, even things that are unclear in a three-dimensional world."

Zara Manucharyan was born in Yerevan. She studied at the School of Art after Hakob Kojoyan (1981-1985) and at Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts and Theater, the Department of Fine Arts. In 2001, she studied art management and marketing in Salzburg, Austria.

She has been a member of the Artists' Union of Armenia since 1998.

Zara Manucharyan's works are displayed at a number of museums and in private collections both in Armenia and abroad.


2016 Museum of Contemporary Art, Yerevan, Armenia
2015 Gallery of the American University of Armenia
2014 The Club, Yerevan, Armenia
2012 year. Galeria Mall, Bulgaria
2011 Hilton Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria
2007 Art-Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2004 "Academy" Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
In 2004-2019 he participated in group exhibitions in Japan, Austria, Denmark, France, Russia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Georgia and Germany.

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